Rocha Controls’ key to the successful management of any project is the ability to assign appropriate resources at the right time and control the budget and schedule. This team welcomes the opportunity to put our commitment, resources, knowledge, and experience to work.

At Rocha, effective project management begins with assigning the right resources and extends to the procedures and processes used to execute projects. Our project management team is responsible for ensuring that appropriate resources are available, each task is executed within budget and schedule, and the tasks performed exceed our client’s expectations. Our project management procedures and processes ensure that the Project Managers have the information and resources necessary to provide solutions to our clients in a timely manner.

Rocha Controls maintains constant communication throughout our projects. Our experience has proven continual documented communication between the client and Rocha Controls is critical to the success of the project. The communication flow can be facilitated by regularly scheduled progress meetings, and phone conferences. Additionally, clients are provided a project schedule with specific dates identified for project deliverables. Clients also have direct access to the Project Engineers and Programmers during the project as needed.